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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year2008 has ended and looking back at our wishes for the year, it looks like we did not achieve everything we wanted: while we finally built a version of MetrO for the Blackberry (and an update should arrive soon), the version for Symbian UIQ 3 has turned out to be challenging and we did not have time to deliver anything to help contributing to our data.

Now, 2009 has arrived and it will mark the 10th anniversary of MetrO, which was first released on a large scale on November 1st, 1999...

Our projects for the coming monthes are not very different from last year's: we'd like to (at last!) deliver a version of MetrO for the iPhone and, again, try to make contributing data much easier. We may also take a deeper look at Android... And, of course, we will go on updating our databases and building new ones...

We wish you all a very Happy 2009!


  1. Happy New Year from Tokyo.

    I can't tell you how many times MetrO saved my life during my trip to London and Los Angeles when I was using CLIE. I hope it does so when I carry my iPhone around the world.

    May 2009 brings MetrO for iPhone.

    Take care, and keep good things coming!

  2. Anonymous17:41

    Same thing here!!! I have used it in several cities like London, Paris or Tokyo! It is a MUST for all travellers and I really look forward for it to guide me in my iphone!


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