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Friday, August 31, 2007

MetrO on the iPhone?

Since Apple launched its iPhone, we have been litterally flooded with requests for a version of MetrO running on the device. However, as you probably all know by now, the iPhone is a closed box without any possibility to install 3rd-party software. At least until Apple changes its mind - which in my opinion is not very likely in the near future - or unless you are a very good friend of Steve J. - which we are not, unfortunately.

The only kind of 3rd-party applications the iPhone accepts are services provided through the Safari browser - and a network connection, of course. It's the reason why, so far, we have redirected users to our i-Métro online service, preferably in its mobile flavor.

With the launch of Netvibes Mobile today, it is possible that a better option has become available. The special iPhone version of their platform is supposed to be able to run the Netvibes modules, including our own which offers more features than i-Métro mobile in a nicer user interface.

If you want to try it, go to the Netvibes site from your PC, create your free account if you don't have one yet and add the i-Métro module to your page (click here for a quick addition). Now point the Safari browser on your iPhone to , sign in and the module should be there.

Let us know if it works as advertised and what you think of the i-Métro module...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


K. de Bondt reports a few changes in Amsterdam (Netherlands), including the closing of the waterbus line between the central station and Java Eiland, for lack of users.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Although it appears to be a difficult task, G. Tomatis has started gathering data for the bus network in Torino (Italy), to complement our tiny database, which presently contains only a single (short) Metropolitana line.


C. Wu prepared the data (in chinese only) for the bus network in Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan. Two subway lines whose openings are planned at the end of this year and next year are also included, although deactivated for now.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Paris (works)

The "summer works" in Paris (France) are coming to an end: service is normal on the RER B & C and complete service on the T1 will be restored at the end of the week. Additionally, a minor disruption is planned on subway line 1, on the next week-end.

Download the updated "temporary" files:

update planned between August 31 & September 3.


The works on the "El" (Market-Frankford) line in Philadelphia (USA) are now finished and the line runs normally again. If you downloaded our special database for the occasion, just remember to revert to the standard file this morning.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Seeing that nobody offers to help update our data for the the bus network in Bordeaux (France) after the recent tram network extension, I am doing it myself. Of course, since I am not familiar with the city, it will probably not be as accurate as it could be :-(


A reminder for those who downloaded and used our special "works" database for Amsterdam (Netherlands): the works on the subway ended last night and you should now revert to using our regular file.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hong Kong

The KCR East Rail line in Hong Kong (China) has opened a new link to Shenzen with the Lok Ma Chau Spur.

Paris (works)

The works on line 4 in Paris (France) are finished but the RER line B will not run between Denfert & Cité Universitaire this week-end. Download the updated "temporary" files:

update planned between August 26 & 31.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


E. Cromey reported that station Diversey, on the Brown & Purple Metro lines in Chicago, IL (USA), is closed for construction works for approximately one year.


I have been warned that the tram & bus network in Strasbourg (France) will be overhauled in the near future, without more detail :-(

It appears the tram network will be extended and some bus services will be adjusted, starting next week. I have taken the time to update our database by myself but I hope some users will help in the future...


Here are fresh news from Madrid (Spain), by N. Knapp: works on the Cercanías ended in advance and service from Atocha to Chamartín will be restored tomorrow. But at the same time and for one week (until 08/29), service between Chamartín and Tetuán will be replaced by an SE bus.

Our special database has been updated.


E. Biellmann has prepared the data for the "post-holiday" (after 09/03 and until June next year) bus service in Colmar (France), with significant changes from the latest version.


Among other minor improvements, our online i-MetrO services now include a Magyar (Hungarian) version, thanks to "WebMotion".

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Buenos Aires

J.P. Gorgati sent the data for the new tram line that recently opened in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Paris (works)

Station "Opéra" reopens today in Paris (France) and there will be disruptions on line 4 on next Thursday & Friday. Download the updated "temporary" files:

update planned on or around August 24.

Friday, August 17, 2007

New York (works): the end

For the last 8 monthes, I have tried to provide a special version of our database for New York (USA) taking into account the works on the MTA network and this took me 3 to 5 hours every Friday.

Unfortunately, after checking the MTA advisories for the coming week, it has just become apparent that it is impossible for me to keep up with all the planned disruptions. I don't even imagine how New-Yorkers can ever plan a trip in the subway with those changes (just take a look at the advisories for line A, as an example).

Consequently, the "works" version of the New York database is now discontinued: the corresponding database won't be delivered anymore and the i-MetrO service will now use the regular network information only.

I just want to send my apologies to the few (very few, actually) users who were counting on this file for their trips.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


V. Lavedan sent the data for the extensions on two tram lines in Bordeaux (France). Now we would have to update the bus lines as well, since there have been significant changes on their services.

About Central European language...

While updating our Budapest data, I have realized that some of our files using Central European languages may lead to errors on Palm devices using specific localization support - such as Piloc -, because of their alphabet ordering.

In order to fix the problem, the next version will include a "hungarian" version of our database for Budapest - in the new "hu" directory in the "international" MetrO package. Other cities affected will be processed if there is demand or when they are next updated. MetrUp will be updated soon to take into account the new encoding, for future updates.

One thing leading to the other, I also discovered that our "international" packaging had a major error for our slovak-encoded databases: they are located under the "cz" directory instead of the "sk" directory. Incidentally, they were also encoded as czech instead of slovak which may be wrong if the letter ordering for these languages are different. Both these issues will be fixed with the next delivery.

Note: all issues discussed here affect only Palm devices (Windows Mobile and Symbian versions are NOT affected) and when using the special encoded databases found in our "international" package.


An anonymous user sent a few additional lines for our Budapest (Hungary) database.


L. Freund reports a few station name changes in the Shanghai (China) metro, at least in the english transcriptions/translations.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Giorgio reported an error (on the operating times) in our databases for Athens (Greece).

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I corrected a typo in our data for the Recife (Brazil) network and added a rail line operated by MetroRec, the company operating the subway.

Friday, August 10, 2007

New York (works)

The special "works" version of our New York (USA) database has been updated with the latest MTA advisories for this week-end and next week.

Download the new database here or with our online update services.

Next update planned on or around Friday, August 17.


N. Knapp reports works on the Cercanías network in Madrid (Spain): until August 27th (included), no service is running between Atocha & Chamartín, affecting lines C1, C2, C7, C8 & C10. A replacement bus is available.

You may download a special version of our database for the next 2 weeks.


Works are starting again on the "El" (Market-Frankford) line in Philadelphia (USA): from August 10th, 8PM to August 27th, 5AM, there will be no service between 40th & 69th Streets. A replacement shuttle bus will be available.

A special version of our database is available for these 2 weeks.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


F. Martinez sent the data for the new tram line in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).


M. Dulerm spotted 2 additional minor errors in our data for Toulouse (France), a bit too late for the new release...

MetrO 5.5.4

The latest version of MetrO has been released, with some important updates on existing cities and minor fixes on the program.

See our home page for details and downloads.

Paris (works)

The works on the RER A in Paris (France) are now finished. Download the updated "temporary" files:

update planned on or around August 17.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Paris (works)

The previous alert on RER A in Paris (France) ended and now another disruption is planned for the next 4 days at the other end of the line, towards Boissy. Download the updated "temporary" files:

update planned on or around August 8.

New York (works)

The special "works" version of our New York (USA) database has been updated with the latest MTA advisories for this week-end and next week.

Download the new database here or with our online update services.

Next update planned on or around Friday, August 10.


Our database for the bus network in Oldenburg (Germany) needed a serious update. Now it's done along with more comprehensive data (for example, all stops are listed in this new version), no thanks to users who just complain and don't lift a finger to help :-(


The tram & bus network in Basel (Switzerland) had changed quite a bit since our last update and nobody tried to help us...


P. Absolon reported a few changes on the bus network in Nitra (Slovakia).

Thursday, August 02, 2007


D. Pickett is preparing the geographic coordinates for the stops in our database for Melbourne (Australia), which will enable address routing on our online services.