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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

About Central European language...

While updating our Budapest data, I have realized that some of our files using Central European languages may lead to errors on Palm devices using specific localization support - such as Piloc -, because of their alphabet ordering.

In order to fix the problem, the next version will include a "hungarian" version of our database for Budapest - in the new "hu" directory in the "international" MetrO package. Other cities affected will be processed if there is demand or when they are next updated. MetrUp will be updated soon to take into account the new encoding, for future updates.

One thing leading to the other, I also discovered that our "international" packaging had a major error for our slovak-encoded databases: they are located under the "cz" directory instead of the "sk" directory. Incidentally, they were also encoded as czech instead of slovak which may be wrong if the letter ordering for these languages are different. Both these issues will be fixed with the next delivery.

Note: all issues discussed here affect only Palm devices (Windows Mobile and Symbian versions are NOT affected) and when using the special encoded databases found in our "international" package.

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