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Friday, June 30, 2006

MetrO 5.4.2 bug

M. Yawitz reported an annoying bug in the latest release.

It affects only Palm users who installed files for Hokkaido, Kyoto/Osaka, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo and/or Tokyo on an external memory card. These cities are listed under "garbage" names in the city list. No other side-effect should occur.

I have fixed this problem and you may download again the MetrO package if you're affected.

New York

S. White reported a minor error on one of the New Jersey Transit lines in New York (USA). I took the opportunity to check and improve the trip times on the NJT rail lines.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lost mail about Frankfurt

I have reasons to believe that a mail about some changes in Frankfurt (Germany) was flagged as spam by Yahoo! Mail and disappeared before I could read it.

If the person who sent it read this could she/he try again? Sorry for the inconvenience...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


J. Shim reported the opening of a new subway line in Busan (Korea), which I missed at the end of 2005... He also noticed minor errors in the Seoul & Incheon databases.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Newcastle upon Tyne

M. Dulerm sent me a number of bus lines to add to our Newcastle upon Tyne (England) database.


Another line (#7) is affected by works in the Madrid subway, until the end of September. N. Knapp sent me a notice.

Monday, June 26, 2006

MetrO 5.4.2

The new release is out, without much change on the programs but with more than 30 cities updated.

See the details on the MetrO web site.

Paris (works)

Line 6 is closed between Place d'Italie & Bercy, from today until September 1st. Download the updated "temporary" files:

Next update planned on Saturday, July 1st.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


M. Pouliquen reported a few minor errors on our Brest (France) database and suggested the addition of the "Bus des Plages" ("Beaches bus") running during the summer.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Paris (works)

Line 14 will close entirely tomorrow at 22:00 (a shuttle bus will operate between Gare de Lyon & Bibliothèque F. Mitterand). Download the updated "temporary" files:

Next update planned on Monday, June 26th (an important one!).


With the help of M. Holzer, I am trying to update the night bus network for Wien/Vienna (Austria) which has changed a lot since our last revision.


J. Shim submitted a significant update for the Seoul (Korea) network, in its korean version. I also reported some changes in the "alphabetic" version.


If the stupid guy from "Car Seats" does not stop trashing this blog, I will have to restrict comments to registered users again.

I would be sorry for the inconvenience induced to our legitimate readers.


L. Freund provided some information for our Beijing (China) database, which will improve the program's accuracy over estimated trip times.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Among a series of minor changes in our various Paris (France) databases, I have added the new "Musée du Quai Branly" which opens tomorrow. Unfortunately it is quite far from any subway station (about 15 min. by walk, in a rather nice place, however).

Saturday, June 17, 2006


The subway line in Tianjin (China) is now in trial operation and it looks like the right time to update our database...

Paris - Fête de la Musique 2006

For the Fête de la Musique (a.k.a. World Music Day), a special transport service (named "Nuit Festive") will run in Paris (France) during the night of June 21st to 22nd.

We have prepared the corresponding file for Métro, covering the subway, RER, Transilien (suburban railway) & Noctilien (night bus) services.

Download ParisNuitFestive.pdb or discover the service on i-Métro (also available on the i-Mode and WAP versions, of course).

Paris (works)

Station "Lamarck Caulaincourt" reopened this morning. Download the updated "temporary" files:

Next update planned on Saturday, June 24th.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

New York

R. Marrero reported a missing connection in our New York (USA) database, as well as a few other changes that needed to be done (regarding obsolete service alerts).

Monday, June 12, 2006


With N. Knapp's help, I added the bus lines going to the Barajas airport in the Madrid (Spain) database.

Paris (works)

The service on line 14 is normal again but another station (Eglise d'Auteuil) closes this morning in the Paris (France) subway. Download the updated "temporary" files:

Next update planned on Saturday, June 17th.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Amsterdam, Den Haag (The Hague) & Rotterdam

There has been a major update on the tram & bus services in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on May 28th. K. de Bondt sent the new data.

He also provided minor changes for Den Haag & Rotterdam (mostly one line being closed until October 1st).

Friday, June 09, 2006

Paris (works)

Station Alésia will re-open tomorrow and part of line 14 will be closed this week-end in the Paris (France) subway. And the RATP and the SNCF announce a lot of disruptions planned for the summer. Download the updated "temporary" files:

Next update planned on Sunday, June 11th.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


M. Thomas reports that, with the opening of a new terminal at the Prague (Czech Republic) airport, the bus services have changed a bit.


L. Freund suggested some improvements on our Nürnberg (Germany) database.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Paris (works)

Normal service is restored this morning on the RER line C in the Paris (France) subway. Download the updated "temporary" files:

Next update planned on Friday, June 9th.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


N. Knapp reports some temporary changes in the Madrid (Spain) subway, due to continuing works to improve the network.