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Monday, June 26, 2006

MetrO 5.4.2

The new release is out, without much change on the programs but with more than 30 cities updated.

See the details on the MetrO web site.


  1. Anonymous00:56

    Can you guys try something with NYC Metro Maps? It would be great if you guys can make a map with directions and pointers and details. I love Metro but it would even better if I can see everything on a map with my smartphone. Thanks guys, thanks a lot.

    my emails is: Please tell me what you think. thanks

  2. How do you think we could make maps for 350 cities?

  3. Anonymous21:26

    just a question, i dont know where else to ask it. i have a nokia 3250 and i cant get the program installed on it. will further updates fix this problem? thank you!!

  4. Claudia, the web site offers a full user guide and if it does not help, you'll find our mail address there as well.

    This blog is definitely not the place where we will provide any support!


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