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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

MetrO 5.4.1

The new version of MetrO is out with 4 new cities and other changes in existing cities but not much else...

Download MetrO 5.4.1 from the MetrO homepage (please note the new URL:


  1. Anonymous10:11

    Je n'ai pas reussi a installer cette nouvelle version sur mon jornada 568 sous PPC 2002
    est-ce la fin d ela maintenance pour cette plateforme???

  2. Anonymous11:09

    My HP IPAQ doesn't like this new version. It says "Metro.CAB is not a valid Windows CE Setup file."

  3. The older versions of Windows CE should still be supported. These incidents are under investigation. In the meantime, you may still proceed with the manual installation process described on our web site (

    Sorry for the trouble,

  4. My Dell X50V has the same error. Running WM 2003SE. I have tried to install using downloads from both and It installs fine on my Smartphone (Audiovox SMT5600 running 2003SE).

  5. Anonymous03:23

    Can only do a manual install on my Mio 168
    Version displayed as 5.4.0 not 5.4.1
    Un-installed all and did another manual install and still shows as 5.4.0

    John Fonhof


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