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Saturday, May 23, 2009

MetrO for the iPhone

I think the version of MetrO for the iPhone is now almost ready, even if a few features are still missing. Here are a few screenshots in addition to those I posted last month (click on the thumbnails to display larger images):

These 3 pictures show the (classic) route list, detailed route description and stop list.

More interesting, the 4th one shows a route from the phone's location, using the integrated GPS on the iPhone or the location technology available on the iPod. This feature will be available in the (about) 20 cities for which we have geographic coordinates for a significant number of stops.

And on the 5th one, you can see detailed information for a stop, with an optional map (again, if coordinates are available for the selected stop) A network connection will be required for this, since it simply uses Google Maps.

Features that are still missing include:
  • Link to the address book. And since I can't find "custom" fields on the iPhone application, it may be a pain to use.
  • Stop selection assistance, such as "auto-fill", suggestion lists or even a history of the last stops used. I just don't know how to implement these...

Now, I'm a bit nervous about releasing this just like that. I think it still needs a bit of testing and I'll try to spend some time on that, maybe with the help of a few users who have contacted me before. Anyway, there are chances that MetrO will be available on the AppStore soon!


  1. Hi

    Would it be possible to use "My location" on Windows Mobile devices? Using the same technology as used in Google Maps (GSM, WiFi, GPS)?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Pleeeazzzze!

    I'm so anxious about it getting realised. Finally it's nearly there. And with improvements.

    You should release a beta version, so I wouldn't feel naked anymore. You can do this via Cydia or Installer... but you know that.

    This is a software I WILL BUY for shure, a must-to-have for world travellers like me.

    Thanks a lot.

  4. @OleSchmitt
    It can't be thrown on Cydia/Installer repo if author wants to release app in AppStore later. Apple's developer agreement forbids such things... :-(

  5. Hi. I thought this could happen. Thanks for clearing it out.

  6. Anonymous12:48

    Very cool!!! I really look forward to getting this! It's a must!!!

  7. Can't wait to use MetrO in my ipod touch!! pls keep up and launch to AppStore!! Thanks,

  8. about the auto-fill for stops selection, you could try the list selector with an alphabetical order instead or as an addition. With the roll to select system in the iPhone/iPod it might even be quicker than actually typing the name of the stops.
    I'm an avid user of the software in my Palm Treo but I have an iPod touch too and would love to see it there, in fact the lack of it it's one of the reasons stopping me from getting an iPhone.

  9. Daniel, the auto-fill feature has value only if it can be used concurrently with the keyboard.

    And that's just the "problem" with the iPhone : when the keyboard is up, there is not much room left for anything else.

  10. I hope that it will be able to be used on an iPod Touch and that it is released before the end of June so that I can use it on my trip to the UK and US ;-). I have downloaded a couple of Metro related apps from the store, but they just don't compete with your product which I currently use on a Palm.

  11. Daniel's comments are not showing up here, but I completely agree with him: auto-fill is REALLY usefull. I use it all the time. Don't know how hard or easy it is to develop it, but I'm certain about it's utility. Or at least a drop list would be better instead of typing station names with keyboard.

  12. Or, with other words: can't it be just like it is in PocketPC edition?

  13. Hello Patrice,

    Looks like we'll soon have our old toy back. Thanks for your efforts and for not letting your old PocketPc converts down. If you hesitate not launching it yet its a good thing because Apple is launching their new OS for iPhone Wednesday the 17th of June. If your soft has not been tested with this new OS you might want to check it out so that you can avoid further headaches. Nonetheless I really look forward to getting Metro back on my single device PDA....:-)

  14. Oh yes... I can feel it coming! Metro was without any doubt the best software I had on my Pocket Pc and now I switched to the iPod touch (simply because I am a mac os user and any sync between pocket pc's and apple is awful) I miss it so much... I tried a few alternatives but no one really does the job. I would be very willing to pay for metro...

  15. Anonymous17:36

    Any updates? Please!!! :)

  16. Right now, I struggle with a bug about locating the phone. When it's solved, I think it's ready for the AppStore...

  17. Anonymous15:30

    OK!!! Lookimg forward to it :)

  18. it's july! will we ever see it on the app store? =)


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