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Thursday, March 08, 2007


If you recently tried to download MetrO from Handango (possibly using the links in our mailing list), you probably noticed that you end up with an error. It looks like the "download" button on any description page for a freeware leads to the same problem.

I have reported the issue to their technical support and I want to share the fun I had with their reply:
Q: Your site is broken: the "Download now" button on any freeware page leads to an error.
R: I am sorry to hear about the difficulty you experienced with this promotion. In order to better assist you, could you please provide the exact promotion code you are attempting to use?

If this leaves you in doubt about the problem being solved soon, you may just go to our home page and download the latest version from our own server!

And in case you wonder, the links in our newsletter point to external providers (such as Handango) because we are afraid our (shared) server might be overloaded with too many queries...

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