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Saturday, February 18, 2006


About three monthes ago, D. Pickett sent me the data for the whole tram network in Melbourne (Australia), along with many new places of interest.

However we had much trouble integrating it with our database because it exceeded the program capacity (and by a wide margin). Now, after some simplifications (removing the least frequent services and some of the places of interest) and various tweaks, I believe we will finally be able to release a much richer version of our file, although it may still require some adjustments.

I send special thanks to D. for her work on this project AND her patience with the delays I imposed on her...


  1. Anonymous09:42

    As a Melbourne commuter, I will be making a donation to the project because of the efforts of the programmers. Please consider what it would be like without their software next time you download an update.

  2. Anonymous12:46

    "Much trouble" doesn't begin to do justice to the pain I caused for Patrice in getting the Melbourne tram network onto MetrO. Patrice deserves a medal, or failing that, plenty of donations from grateful Melbourne PT users.

    I'm not done with Melbourne, either. If anyone else wants to work with me to make the Melbourne database even more spiffy, I can be reached at debbiep hyphen metro at futzle fullstop com no-dot-au.


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