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Thursday, December 09, 2004


Because of a mail from R. Pache, I could say I spent some time in Szitzerland today (they're changing their schedules on 12/12 there too).

Bern: the new Wankdorf-Bahnhof stop induced some changes on various lines. While I was on it, I checked the operating times and trip times (and changed almost everything) and added line colors.

Lausanne (that was the most complex): the new line 18 replaces the old 37 and minor changes have occured on lines 32 & 33. And since the database was quite old, I took the time to add line icons and colors and revise the trip times (which were quite understimated). The operating times are not (yet?) implemented.

Neuchâtel: the major change is the disappearance of line 1B. I checked and corrected the operating times and trip times for this file too.

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