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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Transilien The extensive changes on the SNCF (french railways) timetables that entered in service today have also affected a few services in the Paris (France) area.

At the same time, Frank refreshed the extra information for some of the POIs included in our databases (mostly obsolete web links) and I also made a few additional adjustments.

Use our online update services (also embedded in most recent versions of MetrO) or download the new versions here:
  • Paris-travaux (complete rail network, with temporary disruptions);
  • Paris-full-travaux (subway, RER and inner city bus networks, with temporary disruptions);
  • Paris (complete rail network, regular version);
  • Paris-full (subway, RER and inner city bus networks,regular version);
  • Paris-bus (iner city bus network only).

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