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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MetrO 5.9.8

MetrOFor those among you who use MetrO on PalmOS, Windows Mobile or Symbian devices (users of other platforms automatically enjoy more frequent updates), version 5.9.8 has just been released, with 2 new cities and changes on many more.

In addition, the versions of the app for Symbian^3S60v5 and Bada have been improved.

Check the details here and download the new version from our home page.


  1. PalmOS is fast aging. What about those of us who try hard to believe WebOS has a future ?

  2. Bonjour,
    Cela fait maintenant deux jours que ce billet a été posté, mais le lien pour la plate-forme PocketPC pointe toujours sur une archive d'Octobre 2010 (la V 5.9.7).
    Y aurait-il un problème ?
    Merci de votre réponse, et continuez sur cette voie, Métro est bien plus pratique à utiliser dans les transports (sous un tunnel, sans connexion internet...) que les applis de la RATP ou de la SNCF !

  3. @Nefilim I'm sorry but I can't see any future to WebOS, especially when compared to Android and iOS, where we still have a lot of work to do.

    @YoLoLo Je ne vois pas de problème visible, il faut peut être vider le cache du navigateur...

  4. Bien, je ne vois pas ce qui a changé, mais j'ai bien la version 5.9.8 en ligne et sur le site... En tous cas merci encore pour ce soft !

  5. And i quite agree with Patrice, with the future of Web OS : It's a good (wondelfull ?) OS but there were a lot of mistakes made in the business model... but only by the WebOS's staff and owners !
    Today, the only chance to enjoy again developpment in WEB OS is the GNU license... But who will decide to release it for free ? I think it's a problem of BIG banknotes ! :(
    Anyway, this is the problem of raising plateforms... They can vanish at any time, even the oldest... I'm running today a smartphone with Windows Mobile 5.2, and i know what i'm talking about... :S

  6. I fully understand (and agree) that WebOS is loaded with uncertainty and Patrice has to allocate his time in the most efficient way.

    But I was only thinking (hoping ?) that with Nokia about to abandon Symbia and PalmOS already discontinued, some energy could be diverted towards webOS, which has a small yet enthusiastic user base (it takes quite some will to stick to such an uncertain OS).


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