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Sunday, August 07, 2011

MetrO for Android (0.2.0)

I have discovered that the recent (preview) release of MetrO for Android contained a major bug, that made it ignore the route operating times in most cases. Consequently, a new release (0.2.0) is now available and I urge all early adopters to install it as soon as possible.

In addition to the afore mentioned issue, this version fixes other problems:
  • The crash that occured (sometimes) on a city deletion (as reported by "Uncle Mark") should not happen anymore.
  • Changing the device orientation is now handled more completely.
  • When updating the currently opened city, it should now be actually refreshed.
  • The shake movement detection is still being improved...
And there is a new feature, although it has not been tested extensively: in the more than 50 cities that include geographic coordinates (those with an "X" mark in this list), you can now query a route from/to a street address. Just enter the address instead of a stop name, the app will ask if it should try to locate it and, if you confirm, you'll get your door-to-door advice. Of course, locating an address requires an Internet connection but the app keeps the 20 last used to make it easier and faster to use with your favorite places.

Download MetrO for Android now!

Please keep reporting any issue your may encounter with this release, preferably by mail (my address is now displayed preeminently in the app).


  1. Happy I could help. Looks great. Thanks!

  2. I downloaded the app but it said: "There's a problem parsing the package"

  3. Downloaded on my Samsung GS2

    Works great except the french translate but it's just a "detail"

    You 're on the good way!!!

    Keep on.....

  4. Hello,

    thank you for this great work. I could use the first version in Vienna at holiday. It work really well and till now I haven't found a bug.
    Keep going this way.

  5. Is a final version one day to be expected?
    MetrO is the best app around for public transport.


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