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Saturday, June 12, 2010

MetrO for iPhone 0.9.2

MetrO for iPhoneThe new version (0.9.2) of MetrO for iPhone is now available on the AppStore. This release fixes a number of bugs and globally improves the app's reliability but, more important, it adds 2 new major features that I will describe in more details.

Donwload MetrO for iPhone (iTunes link).

Filtered stop list
When you start entering a stop name (as your start point or destination), a new list appears above the virtual keyboard.
MetrO Screenshot
This list shows all stops whose name contains the text you have entered, making it much easier to find a stop even if you do not know its exact name. Of course, the list is refreshed every time you type text in the fields.

Route from/to a street address
In some cities, you can now search your route from or to a street address: in the text fields for the start point or destination, enter an '@' followed by the complete address (including the city name).
MetrO Screenshot
In order to locate the address you enter, the app uses the Googgle Maps service. This means that an active internet connection is required. However, once an address is located, it is stored and remains available for another search, without ever connecting again to the network. This "cache" contains 20 entries, that are listed as soon as you enter an '@' in the text fields, allowing for a quick selection.

As of today, the cities where the feature is available are: Amsterdam, Arnhem, Berlin, Bordeaux, Brussels, Budapest, Caen, Chicago, Den Haag, Florence, Fribourg, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Košice, Lausanne, Lille, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico, Monaco, Moscow, New York, Padova, Paris, Philadelphia, Rotterdam, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santiago de Chile, Utrecht, Vancouver, Venezia, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Vysoké Tatry, Washington-Baltimore.

Our user guide has been updated, please read it for more details.

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