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Monday, April 12, 2010

Server issues

AlertOur web server is currently difficult to reach, making most of our services unavailable. The problem is under investigation and we hope it will be fixed soon.

Update at 9:30PM: the server has burnt down (figuratively speaking, I hope) and it is now being replaced... I'm afraid that may take some time...

We apologize for the trouble and ask for your patience until the issue is solved.


  1. Anonymous19:46

    Hi Patrice - thanks for your great app, which I have been using since the olden age of Palm IIIe back in 2000!

    Will the iPhone version of MetrO have any problem with the new clause introduced in version 4 of Apple's SDK?

  2. Kristoffer,

    I use only Apple tools for the iPhone, so I can't see any issue for MetrO with the new developer agreement. I don't like the terms, but that's another story...

    Regarding my original post, I'm sorry but I have no news about our server issues and I still have no idea when everything will run again :-(


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