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Monday, April 19, 2010


TransmilenioNew express bus lines (B27/H27 & B28/F28) have opened on the Transmilenio network in Bogotá (Colombia). Because our database has grown too large, I had to simplify some descriptions but I believe the change will not affect the file usability and calculations accuracy.

To address a complaint we have received, I feel I must reiterate that MetrO is a collaborative effort and can not survive if users don't help us keep our data up to date. In the case of Bogotá, I have taken the time to add the new lines but I can't check everything else by myself and if some other changes have happened, I count on YOU to report them in details.

In addition, if MetrO almost never suggests switching between express and local lines in
Bogotá (to save time even when the start or end points are not served by an express bus), the reason is we have no clue about the trip times within the system. There again, this is not something we can find by ourselves!

If you want to help, see our "contribute" page.

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