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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

MetrO for BlackBerry

BlackBerryI finally took some time to investigate the issues with MetrO on the Blackberry Storm I wrote about earlier.

I found a "trick" to prevent the "compatibility mode" to be turned on by default but, unfortunately, it only works with OTA setups. If you install the program with the BlackBerry desktop, you still have to manually change the settings as described in my previous post. For the techies among you, I am still looking for a complete solution, feel free to help ;-)

While on the BlackBerry version, I also realized that it was a bit flawed on recent devices (e.g. the Storm, again), with misaligned and sometimes disappearing icons. These problems have now been fixed and you can expect an update with our next general release (5.8.6), later this month.

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