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Monday, January 25, 2010

MetrO 5.8.6

MetrOThe latest version of MetrO (version 5.8.6) is now available, with many city updates, minor changes on the Windows Mobile and Symbian versions and more important improvements on the BlackBerry version.

Check the details here and download the new version from our home page.


  1. Hi,

    I installed the latest version, 5.86 in HTC TOUCH HD (wm 6.1),
    but it doesnt work. i get the error message:

    Error getdlgitem ----- end 28168460

    I click ok and appears again and again until the application starts. Then when I load a network, the error appears with the number 28176668 and the application crashes.

    Thanks for the application, anyway.

  2. Hi again,

    I installed the .cab directly and now works fine.

  3. As some of our users have noticed, the Windows Mobile version had a serious flaw. This has now been fixed and you may download the packages again for a stable version.

    Please note that some caches (on your PC or at your provider's) may still hold an old version. Be sure to get the right one before installing the software.

  4. Anonymous12:20

    Would be nice to see the iPhone version updated, there are a few basic GUI bugs that make it visually upsetting to use.

  5. A new version for the iPhone is in preparation.

    However, regarding the previous comment, I have just one question: how am I supposed to fix bugs or glitches no one ever reported about???

  6. Anonymous13:19

    A very good point Patrice, is the recommended bug reporting method for smartphone versions to email Frank or yourself?
    Maybe a simple webform to submit bug reports would help the number of bug reports you receive.

  7. Anonymous15:11

    What is the name of the cab inside the zip file for a pocket pc like HTC TOpaz ?

  8. Hi,
    since three month i try to install metro on my Nokia N97 Phone.
    Operatin System is Symbian S60 V5.

    The installation runs without any problems but when i try to start the programm, there are only two small Windows with a coursor. After two til three secounds the
    programm breaks down.

    I tried to install the programm on Partition C: on E. and on a flashcard, but it don´t work as it should be.

    Has anyone some tips how to install metro on the N97 functionally?

    Thank you and regards

  9. The S60 V5 version is still under development.

  10. Hello Patrice,

    Thanks for your quick reply.
    Then I will probably wait til the right version will be finished.
    Should you need someone to test a beta version, write a message where i can download it.

    Best regards


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