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Sunday, July 12, 2009

MetrO now on the AppStore

MetrO for iPhone (iTunes)Today, I am delighted to announce that MetrO is finally available on the Apple App Store!

You may download it on your desktop PC, through iTunes, or directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch (search for "Kinevia" in the App Store).

I also changed our dedicated page on our web site to include a few tips on how to make the best of the application.

This first release - numbered 0.9.0 - still lacks a few features and I have ideas to make it better (some of them being suggested by our beta users). Keep in touch for future updates!



    Going to get in NOW!

  2. Indeed... congratulations... especially for your lucky users. I discovered MetrO years ago for my O2 Mini, which I managed to leave in a taxi. Now that I've moved on to an iPhone, I've been waiting to have MetrO in my hands again.

    If I may make one suggestion, you might consider putting your Application Description on the AppStore in both English and French. Many prospective users/donators may not read far enough along to realize the program is in English.

  3. I did post the information in French and English (of course!).

    But, apparently, Apple has trouble determining which lnaguage to use in which country... I'll try to check what I can do about that.

  4. Thanks so much. I used to use Metro back when I had a Palm device. Can't wait to use it again on my iPod touch!

  5. Hi Patrice... amazing that Apple would want the trouble of deciding which language to use for which country -- especially when so many programs use two languages in their description.

    If they must limit you to one language, you can tell them that the two official languages for Hong Kong are Chinese and English. LOL

  6. Congratulations. I was already a big fan of your Metro Mobile, but since I've got an Iphone, it was not possible to use it anymore. Now it is .... really congratulations with the perfection!

  7. Merci, je l'avais déjà sur mon Palm et maintenant sur IPodtouch c'est vraiment génial.
    Je m'en sers depuis de nombreuses années.

  8. Congratulations!!
    Thank you very much!!!

  9. Many, many, many years ago I discover Metro Mobile in one of my first Palm. I'm from Chile , South America, and your app save me countless times in my trips to USA and Europe.
    Now that I switched to Iphone , I really thank you a lot.
    With more people like you, this would be a wonderful world.
    I'm very happy. Lots of thanks.

  10. F a n t a s t i q u e !

  11. Great! Thanks so much. We are a small close-to-nature boutique beach hotel near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico...which is not on your city list yet :-)...but we have used MetrO when travelling for many years.
    Thanks again for a great service.

  12. Congratulations and Merci Patrice! I still carry a Palm for 4 applications; Metro, Documents to Go, Pleco Chinese dictionary and Pimlico Software's DateBk6. These 4 I must have. DocsToGo is now partially available for the iPhone (Word editing only), Pleco is promised Real Soon Now, and DateBk6 is not even on the horizon. But your release of MetrO is a big step in weaning me off Palm!

  13. Yay! I've stayed on the list even though I've been on my iPhone over a year, just waiting for this announcement! TYVM!

  14. thanks a lot and congratulations for this Iphone version.. It was one of the best program I have ever had on my Palm..And now it is on my iphone! thanks thanks a lot..
    Jacques Durif

  15. Bon travail, Patrick!

    I'm recommending it everywere and to everyone I can.

    Hey, folks, don't forget to donate!

  16. cool. any chance you might be able to make an App for the new Palm Pre (WebOS)?

  17. My biggest satisfaction is that Apple's approval of MetrO in the App store is going to deprive them of undeserved revenues from the sales or lack there of the other Metro paying apps. Great job Patrice, I have finally come back to my good old but oh how wonderful MetrO app that I had been using since Franck and you first came out with it....when was it again, oh about a hundred years....hahahaha

  18. MetrO is my favourite trip planner. At first I only used MetrO on my Pocket PC whilst on holidays in Hong Kong and in Europe but then the genius developers added my home city in Australia (Melbourne) to the list. I missed it when I got an iPhone but not any more thanks to the new free iPhone app. I love it because it finds routes, even in my home town, that I couldn't think of. It works much better than the app provided by the transport authorities. I hope all the new users appreciate it as much as I do.

  19. Anonymous11:49

    FINALLY!!! :) When I moved from PPC to iphone, this was THE app that I most missed! I followed the development of the app and I was really really happy to have found that it was live!!!I'm ready to donate!!!

    Keep it up!!!! :) :)

  20. Anonymous11:58

    Just donated!!!

    Keep it up guys and thanks thanks thanks!!!

  21. Great
    I use this before on my Palm and was waiting for the iPhone
    Congratulations to the devloppers

  22. Well done, guys. Positive review has been duly left in the Australian iTunes app store.

    By the way, I owe you some corrections for Melbourne.

  23. Thanks!! Great software! Will all the non roman characters ( will make it's way to be included under iPhone MetrO? (Really miss if we can see station name in it's original form)...

    Thanks again for the great work!!

  24. Joseph, that's on the roadmap...

  25. So happy to have MetrO on my iPhone after I left my Palm on a plane.

    Just donated.

    Many thanks!

  26. Anonymous19:02

    (Malay)MetrO app yang paling best, tiada app lain yang macam ni, jimat kan masa saya.
    (English)MetrO is the best app, no other app as good as MetrO, save a lot of my time


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