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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Madrid (works)

Metro MadridThe third phase of works on subway line 6 Madrid (Spain) is now fully in place.

Download the special "works" database here or with our online update services.

Next update planned on or around August 7.


  1. I found some error in the route calculation. For example, from "Nuevos Ministerios" to "El Barrial" MetrO gives Cercanias C7 direction Alcala de Henares, which is the opposite direction!!!!!!
    This is a critical error that must be corrected as soon as posible!

  2. The C7 goes from Chamartín to Alcalá de Henares, running the entire city loop Atocha-N.M.-Chamartín-Príncipe Pío-Atocha-N.M.-Chamartín.

    Therefore you can take the train in both directions from N.M., it will get you to El Barrial. And the program suggests the shortest one.

    All this is confirmed by the RENFE web site, by the way...

    Please check your facts when stating an error and prefer mail for this kind of comments, it's not easy to discuss through a blog.

  3. For anyone interested, after a discussion with Diego, we came to the conclusion that, while not entirely wrong, the direction given by the program is indeed misleading.

    I am working on a fix...


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