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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MetrO for iPhone - Update

MetrO for iPhone (iTunes)Despite a month-long period of beta test, some bugs have surfaced in MetrO for the iPhone.

I have just posted an update - version 0.9.1 - to the App Store, with the following changes:

  • Crash on opening some cities (e.g. Leuven) - fixed
  • Some stop names not properly recognized - fixed
  • Line groups activation status not restored on startup - fixed
  • New preference to choose the maximum distance to look for stops around "my location"
  • Other minor improvements

I just hope the approval process will not take as long as for the initial submission. In the meantime, my apologies to those who experienced the bugs and thanks to Jérôme, Dries and Evan for reporting the bugs!


  1. Thanks the update is in apple store :)

  2. I've noticed a number of low ratings in the app store without reviews. I think this is authors of other apps trying to push the MetrO rating lower to boost their own apps (this is pretty common, unfortunately). I suggest happy MetrO users enter their rating and if possible post a review also to counter this.

  3. Good app, i use this since the Palm years.

    Could this be enhanced to support native language city databases (e.g. Japanses for Tokyo, chinese for Beijing). It's really difficult to read under english translation..many thanks..


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