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Sunday, June 28, 2009

MetrO for the iPhone

After a long wait, I am happy to report that I have started the process of delivering MetrO on the iPhone AppStore. If everything goes right with Apple, it should be available in a few days...

iTunes Connect
This version will be numbered 0.9.0 since it still has a few "rough edges" and it does not implement all the features I have in mind. However, it is fully functional and should help you wait for the next (better) one!

Thanks to all the beta testers, who helped discover bugs and suggested improvements (even if they did not make it all in this early release).


  1. Excellent news! I'm really looking forward to downloading this.

  2. Anonymous22:03

    This is very exciting but I fear the app will take weeks or months to get through Apples approval process. I have been reading reports of peoples apps and updates taking even longer than usual to be processed.

    What is the name of the App going to be? I ask because I believe there are already a few "Metro" apps on the iTunes store

  3. The name is "MetrO", just as on any platform.

    Last time I submitted an app it took about 1 week to be approved, I hope it won't take much longer this time...

    I need the delay to prepare a web page with - at least - a few tips about how to use some features!

  4. Anonymous22:24


    That's great. I have a question about how updates for individual cities will work? I recall when I used MetrO on my treo, you could just load up certain cities and not the full database if you didn't need it. You could also just update certain cities. How will this work with the iPhone version and the App store?

    Thanks for all the hard work and I look forward to donating to the cause.

  5. I'm really glad: travelling in the end of the month and needing it a lot.
    I'll fill up my lunch with Dijon Mustard in your homage (I would do it anyways).
    Congratulations! Bon travail!

  6. In which AppStore should it appear first? USA? France? Do you know that?

  7. @Joseph: cities download and updates are managed online (the only time when a network connection is mandatory). See the screenshots for hints about the process.

    @Ole: I have no idea how Apple decides but I sent the required information both in English and French (with more languages to add in the future).

  8. Congratulations Patrice and thank you very much. I was curious to see if you would maintain Metr0 as a free app and I tip my hat to you for resisting the thought of becoming a millionaire. You have values that many including myself lack...:-)

    To the question about which App Store it should be released, you replied not knowing but as the developer you should have a saying in this VERY VERY important question. The reason I say that is that if Metr0 is released in the US App store only as an example, then only US based iTunes account owners will be able to download Metr0. I am one of not many iTunes account owners that has a Canadian and French iTunes account. This can only be done if you have two official residences and credit cards issued in the respective countries. You may wonder what do credit cards have to do with Metr0 if its free, but to get Metr0 you need an iTunes account and to open one you need a credit card even if you will never download a paid App.

    So perhaps you should look into this because Apple if not given instructions is likely to upload the App only in France because you live there or only in the USA because sometimes Apple forgets the rest of the world exists...:-)

    Thanks again

  9. Mr. Leon, I live outside US and have an account there using the 5th Ave App Store Address, with an international credit card.
    But I've never bought anything...
    If the app will be free, I'll donate some euros via pay pal. If not, don't now what to do. This is a good question of yours.

  10. Thats brilliant news! Looking forward to getting it on my iPod Touch any day now. Having been missing it since my Palm IV died.

  11. You can have a US ITunes store account without a US address or any credit card at all, just for downloading free apps.
    Use a US address of a hotel, for example. Check this link for details on how to set up the account:

  12. I've checked out MetrO for iPhone home page (at and as usual it will be a free app. Strongly recommend PayPal donation, folks! It's really a hard work.

  13. Thanks. This is a really good app.

    How can I download non-english city information?

  14. I really hope to have the support of native language city database (e.g. japanese for Tokyo, chinese for Beijing etc). It's hard to read them in english translation...thanks!!


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