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Friday, June 05, 2009

MetrO for Classic on Palm Pre

Classic Certified With the iminent release of the new Palm Pre, we have worked with MotionApps to ensure the compatibility of MetrO with their "Classic" emulator.

We are now happy to release the certified version of MetrO 5.8.0 for Classic, that you may download here. It is only available in English at the moment but since the Pre will be distributed only in the US at first, I think the limitation will be bearable.

In order to use the program, you have to download some city files (of course) that are available in our regular packages (see the MetrO home page). I believe that you may install the program (the .prc file above) and the cities (your selection of .pdb files) by just connecting the Pre to your PC with the USB cable and copying the files in the ClassicApps folder. If that does not work, please see the FAQ on the Classic web site for complete instructions.


  1. Anonymous20:48

    Are there any plans for a native WebOS version of MetrO for the Palm Pre?

  2. There is no "native" development kit for the Pre, therefore there can't be a native version of Métro...
    The existing development options are definitely inadequate.


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