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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

The old year is now finished and it's time to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2006!

For the year to come we hope we will have time for some improvements to our software, including:
  • An easy to use database editor that may reduce the work needed to add new city or update the existing ones,
  • Various enhancements in the program itself, that we have been thinking of for quite some time,
  • Maybe an automatic installer that will solve the many questions we get from first-time users,
  • ...
And we hope you will all keep on helping us making the program better!


  1. Anonymous19:40

    Un éditeur de bases de données!!
    Pas mal

  2. Anonymous17:48

    It would be great if you could imput departure or arival times in the japanese cities. It would save me a lot of time. Now I usually revert to the online service from for my short trips that I would otherwise use Metro for. Other then that, I don't see the need for more improvements. The program is fine as it is.

  3. Just to make things clear, MetrO does not manage timetables. If you're thinking of operating times, then adding them is "simply" a matter of someone making the effort of compiling the information and sending it!

  4. Anonymous21:41

    Thank you for the fast reply, Patrice. I will try and figure out the operating times for the kansai region if I finally have time >_<;; I Know you and Frank have the same problems and MetrO is a great piece of software. One of the few I'd be more then willing to pay for. Hmm just noticed the donation button. Click. Here's E10. for all your effords. Hope it helps you to continue the program.

  5. Thanks!

    The donations are used to buy hardware to help us test the software on various configurations and to pay for a better web hosting.


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