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Monday, December 19, 2005

Comments on the blog (cont'd)

Those f***g spammers (may they all go to hell) are using valid blogspot accounts... Therefore, I have re-enabled comments for everyone but I activated the "text validation" feature.


  1. Anonymous17:34

    While not a be-all catch-all solution, did you add the attribute rel="nofollow" on comments hyperlinks?

  2. I would not know how to do that on Blogspot. However, thank you for the suggestion ;-)

  3. Thanks for a great program! Please forgive me but I'm wondering if the program has schedule times? I couldn't find it and would assume that there isn't. But regardless, it's a great app. I was able to find out my route when I went on vacation from Trenton NJ to Penn Station NY.

    Thanks again.


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