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Friday, August 21, 2009

MetrO 5.8.2

MetrOThe latest release of MetrO (version 5.8.2) is now available, with:
  • New databases for Ajaccio (France), Montluçon (France), Verona (Italy);
  • Important updates on Budapest, Graz, Houston, Lille, Lisboa, Luxembourg, Murcia, Salzbourg, Seattle, Seoul;
  • Minor changes on more than 20 other cities.

Check the details here and download the new version from our home page.

1 comment:

  1. Great program!

    But there's always room for improvement. Here's my take on the Symbian version of Metro:

    The long version

    The short version

    - To change the public transport network you'll need to select "network" in the options submenu of the options menu. This is rather counterintuitive, since most people think of connectivity like Wi-Fi, GSM, or UMTS when they see "network" on their phone. Métro would be a little easier to use if "network" would be called "cities" instead, and if the option to change it wouldn't be buried so deep down in a submenu.

    - Changing days and hours with the left and right side of the central navigation button makes it all too easy to change them by accident if you try to move to the next entry box.

    - Selecting a station or bus stop shouldn't require a trip to the options menu, and the option should not be called "select," because this uninformative word doesn't tell you what you can select when you select it.

    - The "places of interest" list isn't searchable, so it requires endless scrolling to find a place of interest.

    - It would be nice if Métro would display maps as well, with lines and stops indicated and clickable.

    - If Métro could be made to talk to your GPS, it could tell you where your nearest public transport options are.

    Keep up the good work!


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