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Sunday, February 22, 2009

MetrO for Blackberry 0.4.1

BlackBerryI have just released a new version of MetrO for the BlackBerry which adds new features and fixes a few bugs. Hopefully this will be the last "beta" and we expect to deliver a general release in the coming weeks, if no major problem arises.

New features include:
  • Contacts management: you can set MetrO stop(s) on your contacts and access them from the program interface. This feature may be slow if you have a lot of contacts on your BlackBerry.
  • Stop history: you can quickly retrieve the 10 latest stops you used. As for the assisted text entry, this may interfere with the "SureType" feature available on recent devices.
  • Memory card support: city databases may be installed on a memory card, if available, including by directly copying our pdb files to the card.
  • An option to update all installed cities at once.
  • Improved icon, although not perfect on every system.

Bug fixes include:
  • Better route display, with explicit icon for one-way start or end stops.
  • Error in the POIs details (some connections were missing).
  • Error in the city list after a database has been deleted.
  • Improvement on the file management.
  • Better handling of empty routes (e.g. when a line is closed).

Important! Some of the new features apply only to recent devices. For this reason, 2 versions of the program are provided, 1 for older systems (from OS 3.6.0) and 1 for newer ones (OS 4.2.0 or greater). Be sure to select the right one for your BlackBerry!

Complete information and downloads are available here.

Since I consider this release to be feature-complete, I am now ready to add new language versions. If you want to help, you may translate the strings in this file and send it back to me.

Please note that this is beta software. If you don't want to take any risk with your data, please don't install it on your BlackBerry yet. If you do want to participate in the beta phase, please report any issue you may encounter, providing as much detail as possible (and accept our apologies).

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