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Thursday, March 06, 2008

MetrO on the iPhone (4)

The event for the Apple's iPhone SDK announcement has now ended and, according to this report from Tom Krazit, I consider it is almost entirely bad news:
  • Software development is only possible on a Mac
  • Software will be distributed exclusively on Apple's platform (how do you spell "monopoly"?)
  • The software will be officially released in late June

I'm afraid that means our plans for a version of MetrO for the iPhone are fading away (or at least getting farther in the future), if only because of the Mac requirement...

Update (August 25th, 2008): I finally have a Mac Mini at my disposal, the iPhone SDK is installed and I just have to learn how to develop for the platform (my experience with Objective-C dates back to the early days of the NextStation)...

Update (February 7th, 2009): It's now 1 month I have applied to the iPhone Developer Program! I have a test program ready and I can't test it on my iPod Touch. That's one month lost in developing MetrO because I don't want to waste my time if Apple ends up rejecting my application.

Update (March 15th, 2009): after more than 6 weeks, I my application to the Developer Program was accepted and I could finally test a small (test) program on my iPod. The development of MetrO can begin for real...

Update (April 26th, 2009): the development is going on and I posted a few screenshots in a new post.


  1. Maybe it's time to think about switching your lifestyle over to Mac? Apple said that there will be no cost to developers to distribute free apps through their system so that isn't much of a worry to you... hmm?

  2. Buy me one, I promise I'll try to use it ;-)

  3. PLease make Metro for iPhone! Pretty please! I need it. I travel extensively and the online version please compared the superior offline version. Plus it works underground! And no insane roaming fees. I will pay what ever you charge for this superior app. Plus some of the stuff i saw on the launch video looks intriguing to grow the product. Hmmm,.. maybe I will write my own app :)

  4. ...I meant pales compared to the superior offline version. But seriously. You guys own this niche, please make an iPhone version

  5. If (not) having a Mac is the major obstacle, would it suffice if you were given a Mac Mini to work with? Would having that to use tip you to the side of "Yes, I'll definitely create an iPhone version"?

    Because maybe, just maybe, a desperate/loyal user of MetrO would be willing to make that happen for you (and for the legions of other MetrO fans out there).

  6. we should start a "get MetrO mac" fund... I'd donate!

  7. I am afraid you 're wiping away a huge amount of new customers for you.
    Reconsider your decision , and don't miss the... train ;-)

  8. we should start a "get MetrO mac" fund... I'd donate!


    set a special Metro event with a gauge and you'll see...

  9. I'll put my money where my mouth is



  10. Is this a joke ?
    In that case ask for 10US$ per Metro iphone licence and you will be rich !!!
    10 licences = 100$ Apple fea to get the certificate
    100 licences = one Macbook sufficient for developping iPhone software...
    And you can run Windows on it if you wish !!!

    => 110 licences to sell for the whole world to reimburse you... the rest for profit... Keep it in mind :-)

  11. I'd pay $10 for a license of MetrO... Hell, I'd pay $20 for such a good piece of software!!

  12. This is how Apple pays for R&D and upfront costs: they try to push adopters to buy a mac and get them hooked. After a while they broaden the base. Remember how iTunes and iPods were Mac only at the start? Get in now, release a first iPhone version, and assume that in a year or so PCs will be able to download the software through iTunes, if not sooner. That's almost always the progression. iPhone users will pay for Metro.

  13. How about this: a Founders/Beta Tester program for the iPhone version. For $20 a beta tester gets "iMetrO" beta releases, and upgrades for life. When you have 100 people signed up you have $2000 cash to get an iBook, an iPhone, and some spending money. After release charge everyone else $10 for the first year or two to pay for your development time.
    And I'm not even and iPhone user: still tied to my Treo650!

  14. Let's clarify one point: the cost of a Mac is not the main issue here (my reply above was a joke, guys)! How Apple handles this is what is upsetting me.

    Since my initial post, I have also discovered that the iPhone developer program is open only to North Americans, not to mention US applicants who are rejected without an explanation.

    What this means is that we WOULD NOT BE ABLE to test our code on a real device. I would not want to distribute a software that has not been tested in real conditions. And I assure you you would not want to install one either.

    For the record, I have read comments from developers who won't start developing for fear of their software being arbitrarily rejected - there are words in the SDK license that restrict a lot more than sex and VOIP on the iPhone - and left with the option to throw away their work. That's just crazy...

  15. yes, US$20 is good deal for good software.

    BTW, it's time for your MetrO contributors to make some money.

  16. Anonymous13:14

    Enter the Matrix... sorry enter the fabulous world of Apple.

    It's funny how people are always ready to say Bill Gates and Microsoft want to rule the world and impose their supremacy.
    But, it's a matter of fact, Apple is even worst.

    iPhone dev kit is another proof. Who else push you to have their hardware and late OS version to develop thing, who else push you to only use their website to distribute YOUR program, who else push you to leave in the US to develop an app (or lie on the fact you don't leave in the US)?

    For me, Apple is a sort of "sect". I don't want to enter it... my ears are already bleeding because of all mac fanatics who are going to weep about my post. ;)

  17. I understand all the objections mentioned in the several comments.

    But let's face it: iPhone is here to stay and it will become BIG.

    Yes, Apple's restrictions are a nuisance but there is also proof that they do listen to their customers and if the customers want iMetro, they will eventually get it.

    I am also ready to put up some cash upfront to make this happen.

    I do not have an iPhone because they are not yet available where I live but I will get one. I have recently switched from Windows to Mac and it has changed my life, despite the restrictions (such as not being able to rent movies on my Apple TV).

  18. I contribute EUR 50 to your effort to bring Metro to the iPhone. Superbly useful, Metro is must have for the iPhone.

  19. Has there been any more updates on this? Sounds like there's lots of interest to make this work on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    I think once the app is built the rest will sort itself out, I mean it's an incredibly useful app that is FREE to boot. Surely it can't be that hard to get it out there.

    I can offer my help to port Metro to iPhone as I have a Mac and have Cocoa development experience.


  20. Apparently someone in Britain was also approved to develop a program for the iPhone so the US limit has been lifted...

  21. I understand your reserves about Apple distribution, but starting end of June, programs which will be on iTunes will be visible to couple millions users, which can buy them from their phones, whenever they want. Is very unlikely you can get better exposure any other way.

  22. Oh my gosh, Patrice. we are going to Paris this August and I really hoped to get MetrO for my daughter's iPhone! Please, please charge $10-20 for a license. I will pay so you can get a Mac and develop it. Your program is so fine. It is totally worth it.

  23. Hi Patrice-

    I understand that Apple's tight software policy for the iPhone is frustrating to lots of developers. It might lead to a more consistent or safer user experience, but we Mac users like freedom. That aside though, from looking at the comments on this thread it appears that a refusal to develop Metro for iPhone will only hurt lots of your loyal, loving users, and won't really affect Apple at all. I don't even have an iPhone, but I think you should lay out what you need to make the software, start a website for donations/pledges to reach that goal (see my prev. post) and then if the support reaches that level do it for the Metro lovers.

  24. I would gladly give 50$ for the iPhone version - I sit on a restaurant in Mexico city and need to use the metro - some places have wifi only...
    Been using metro on palm for years and now have the itouch, really hoped for it - but there are programs for the jailbreakers...


  25. I'm afraid it looks like you are too late if the video here is anything to go by...

  26. Patrice,
    I see your frustration as I think along the same ways about Apple and sometimes even worse. None the less your comment about a Monopoly is somewhat skewed. Currently you great software is ONLY available to non Apple users. That is a form of Monopoly. I have been a user of your product from day one and have had over a dozen PocketPc's. But no more of those toys for me since the launch of iPhone. I know, I hate having to be in the secte but they happen to have the best toys in the world. I am looking for a business opportunity. Would you be interested in a partner to commercialize your iPhone version of Metro? Because once you get over your frustrations you will come up with this app, I know it. And I would love to help.

  27. Patrice, you have been getting the wrong information.

    1. Windows users can access the App Store through iTunes for Windows
    2. Developers are NOT limited to North America; Apple had Europeans demo their iPhone apps at the WWDC Keynote
    3. You are going to be losing a lot of customers as the iPhone replaces Palm & Pocket PC devices
    4. There are already several Metro-like apps showing up in the App Store

  28. Anonymous19:18

    Well, day 2 of the iPhone 3G launch. Mis-steps and tech problems aside, the demand for the new iPhone is through the roof and this is just the first wave. I personally know dozens of people who waited for the 2nd gen and/or are waiting for things to die down so they can get one without waiting in line. Myself included. There's a lot of pent up lust and desire for this device out there. Its market share is going to jump dramatically. Predictions put it exceeding 25% in the US by Q3 2008. Nevermind the rest of the world.

    I was a Palm user and relied on Metro regularly when traveling. It has saved my a$$ several times. And when my Treo got stolen in NYC, I was freaking out more that I didn't have Metro than my addressbook.

    I've been on the iPhone since day 1 last year. On day 1 of the app store, one finds 10 different transit navigation apps. Each a different city or transit system and priced from $2.99 to $9.99, but nothing as comprehensive as Metro. And while I'm happy that I can use iMetro via the web browser, as a recent trip to NYC proved, there's no internet underground! And I expect this to be the same in any subway system the world over. Additionally, if I hit the ground in an international city, I may not have a data connection on the local cell network. Then what?

    So, my point here is that the market for Metro as a native app on the iPhone is now too big to ignore and the opportunity to be the leading app in this space still exists. iPhone ales are now officially worldwide and the dev program is open wide to all. As the existing 10 apps show, transit mapping isn't being rejected by the terms. A dev license, mac mini and an iPhone for development purposes are about $1000 together. As a more comprehensive app, I would imagine a $19.99 price point to be perfectly acceptable. 50 sales would then cover your development costs and I feel confident you would have at least that many sales on day 1 of your release just from your current user base alone.

  29. Palm and Metro user for years, I'm switching to the all-in one iphone, and I'm desperate that I wont have metro on my device anymore.
    As many others, ready to pay for the application or participate to a development fund.
    Don't think about apple, but think about the users...

  30. Please make Metro for iPhone! OK, 1 MILLION iPhone 3gs sold in first weekend. PLUS existing fanboys out there with gen 1 iPhone. Here we have a killer app that will work on BOTH OF THEM!

    OK, 1 million customers... assume you get a 10% user base of sales of 3g to date alone and if you get a dollar a user, that HAS to be worth shelling out for a mac mini to develop on and to put up with the overly bureaucratic developer policy no?

    If need be, use a reseller in US to get it on the store but dude! PLEASE for the love of the Jesus phone! develop an iPhone version!

  31. Let's see here:
    1. Over 3 million iPhones in use worldwide
    2. Assume only 1% purchase Metro @ $9.99 or Euro equivalent: 30,000 x 9.99 = $299,700.00
    3. Apple takes 30%: $89,910.00
    4. Patrice gets 70%: $209,790.00
    5. Patrice spends $1,790.00 to get Mac, software, etc.
    6. Patrice nets $208,000.00

    That isn't enough incentive?

  32. Please reconsider making an iPhone native version of MetrO !!

    MetrO is by far, far the BEST program of its kind. maybe this is obvious to you :)

    I've relied on it for many years on my Treo 650 traveling around the world on business and for pleasure. And now, it's the only app I use on my Treo that has no equivalent as I prepare to move to an iPhone. I will sorely miss MetrO... :-(

    I understand you have philosophical reasons to resist developing for the iPhone platform, but.. do you seriously think Apple will arbitrarily deny you publishing a fine and useful application to the market? maybe this is a fear, for sure, but a distant one...

    on opening the App Store, there were ~500 applications released (not all of them terribly polished or useful, BTW) There is obviously a broad spectrum of developers, not just big name ones. And no, developers are NOT limited to the US.

    there were 10 million downloads from the App Store during the first weekend... MetrO would easily do well on the App Store! this is clearly a valid new mobile platform that should not be ignored. And the App Store makes it so, so easy to browse and purchase software, either on your desktop or directly on the iPhone. Think of all the FREE exposure your software could get, and no distribution fuss.

    one other point: in spite of the official App Store's existence, the jailbreaking/unlocking community for the iPhone seems to be thriving. This means if you're worried about have your app being inexplicably rejected by Apple (unlikely IMHO) you could still release through the alternate channels and made available via Either way, I think there's zero chance of your efforts being wasted - quite the contrary, I think you will find it rewarding.

    Plus you'll be giving millions of iPhone users around the world simply the BEST program available for transit navigation, bar none. and think of what enhancements you might be able to offer with a location-aware device...

    oh, and a couple people have mentioned other transit map apps available on the iPhone. but all of these so far are simply maps, or just based on a single transit system. None have the great route planning features and flexibility of MetrO. None are even close.

    please think of the users, and allow them to use the BEST transit navigation tool, on the fastest growing new mobile platform!

    p.s. I will gladly pay whatever purchase price you decide for an iPhone version of MetrO - it's simply irreplaceable and would be worth whatever you charge!

    p.p.s. don't forget that the same app will run on the iPod Touch. there's another huge portion of the potential market there...

    p.p.p.s. as other have said... ask for donations, ask for beta testers, find a 3rd party to port the code, etc... let us help!

  33. As a longterm Palm user I searched the AppStore and Google for many loved Palm applications with the launch of the AppStore.

    I am missing DateBk, iSilo, MetrO, BikeOrDie! and others.

    iSilo announced an iPhone version and the screenshots look promissing.

    Sadly I have to read here that there are no current plans fpr MetrO on iPhone.

    Please reconsider this decision.


  34. I got my first Palm in 1998. By 2001, I had a Visor Handspring and right before I went for my first trip to London, discovered MetrO.

    I was there by myself, with nobody to take me around or show me how things worked. Being from NYC, I assumed that I could figure out the Tube pretty easily. Sure, I could have by the end of the week, but MetrO was INDISPENSABLE. I cannot believe how easily it enabled me to get around London's labyrinthian underground. From that day forward, whenever I was showing off my Palm device, that would be the application I would use.

    For the last two years I had a Treo, but being a longtime Mac user, I wanted an iPhone. I figured I'd get one as soon as I ran my Treo into the ground. It was stolen, and so I bit the bullet and got an iPhone. The thing I missed immediately was MetrO. I was excited when the SDK was announced because I thought the app would be developed for the platform. Then I found this post, and I am heartbroken.

    As others have pointed out, even if your app was rejected by Apple, there is an entire vast community of jailbroken iPhones and apps (although I am not part of it)—you offer MetrO for free anyway, even though it's worth money.

    If not having a Mac to develop it on is truly a major hurdle for you, I will give you a G4 tower. I'm serious—I have one sitting here, unused. email me.

  35. guav,
    Unfortunately, the iPhone SDK currently requires an Intel Mac running Mac OS 10.5.x

  36. Ahhh, I see. Ok, scratch that idea.

    I need MetrO :(

  37. Hmm, I wonder if someone couldn't write a Palm OS emulator that would run on the iPhone? Then we could just run our favorite Palm apps in it.

  38. @romad: Emulation is forbidden on the iPhone platform, so it needs to be a native application.

    FWIW, I and several others have offered to pay the costs for computer, application to the developer program, etc., to no avail.

  39. Yes, I saw that. I really don't understand what he is thinking. Basically he could realize about $115 profit per $1 invested. That is about a 11,500% return for the first year.

  40. Everything is out now and iPhone apps are enjoying great success. Please reconsider!
    I'm sure you'd make tidy profit on this platform and it would be massively popular.

  41. I have personally spent $50 on apps so far on the store. I would gladly have made it $70 if I could have bought metro. Funny side note, at the top of this page it was showing an ad for...The Bank of America iPhone app.....So what do we have to do to get this. Oh and i'm sure that Visual IT will charge something like $5 and city. So lets see,NY,Chicago, London, Shanghai, Paris, Tokyo....dammit, I'm already over $20. Please make this app....let us make you rich!

  42. Count me, my wife, my sister & my mom in for a copy each. We'd be happy to pay for the app. We all used it on our Palms but we've all made the switch to iPhones or iPod Touch's so now we are out of luck.

    You built a great product. I think you can grab a whole new collection of customers by tapping into this new platform.

  43. If money to get a Mac is not the issue I wonder what it is. Today the ability to officially code for the iPhone is open to everybody and people pay for the strangest apps like flashlight apps. I think you would make a fortune with selling this program to iPhone users.

  44. Your METRO app is so fantastic. I am 100% sure if you port it to iPhone, it will be a killer app.

    Please please please !

  45. If you port METRO to iPhone, I am quite sure that next year you will drive a Ferrari !

  46. Forget some proletarian Ferrari! If you make this app you could probably afford a Bugatti Veyron. Seriously though, we need this app. Help us Patrice-i-wan are our only hope :)

  47. 25 millions apps downloaded from the App Store in the first 10 days.

    meanwhile, the unofficial developer community is active and thriving - v2.0 firmware on iPhone and iPod Touch has already been jailbroken within a few days of release, allowing unofficial 3rd party apps alongside official App Store ones. so even if a developer doesn't want to play the game by Apple rules, there is a way...

    surely Metro deserves to be among the next 25M (or 50M or 100M...) apps downloaded to an iPhone/iPod, either the Apple or 3rd party route

    meanwhile, many other people like me are abandoning the long stagnant Palm platform for iPhone... in my case, after many years of Palm (original Palm Pilot, Palm IIIc, Handspring Visor, Treo 650). But iPhone is the future, it's clear.

    please let us continue using Metro!

  48. Please, borrow a Mac a give us an iPhone version! I would happily pay for it!

  49. I don't think Patrice really cares. He said if someone would GIVE him a Mac, he would do it. Several offered to do just that but Patrice never acknowledged their offers. He obviously was just bluffing and couldn't handle his bluff being called.

    Looks like it is time for another programmer to step-up-to-the-plate and clone Metro for the iPhone.

  50. I've been using your great software since 7 years: I'm a flight attendant, and Metro has shown me the way on almost all big cities. I always wondered how could such a great software be free. Now that I own an iPhone, I'm really willing to pay for it. You guys deserve it! Please change your mind... Your software is the ONLY one which makes me regret either Windows Mobile or my Palm...

  51. I would pay for metro as well, Used it for years on other devices.


  52. patrice,

    Metro sur Iphone, j'en mets ma main a couper, peut devenir un best seller pour sur ;)

  53. Any news on an iphone version now that the AppStore is open? This would still be extremely welcome.

    (August 15, 2008)

  54. Hi Patrice-

    I've followed this thread for months. It appears that if you want a mac and iphone for development there are people who would loan them to you. You can sell hundreds of copies to recoup any costs. You're not hurting Apple by not creating iPhone software: It seems to me that you are only hurting yourself and your loyal users.
    If you won't develop it yourself, why not let a programmer create it for you under license, and you just take a percent of the income? But do SOMEthing to create the app.
    I really can't understand the psychology behind your continued refusal to supply desired software to people who need it (and will pay.) I'm unsubscribing to this thread because it's starting to bother me!

  55. Patrice,

    as a curtosy to your loyal fans, clients and wannabe clients, the least you could do is either close this comment section with a FINAL NO I will not do it or at minimum tell us if you changed your mind. Otherwise it looks like a spoiled kid that is angry with his friends and won't talk to them anymore.....:-)

    Please tell us something or shut this thing down so that we all get the message loud and clear and hope that someone else will develope a comparable product.

  56. Ok, ok... I didn't think this would get so far. I didn't even expect so many comments here.

    I have not changed my mind about the iPhone and Apple's way to do things. And I know I'm not the only one.

    However, I can hear you, so I can give you some news: I am trying to get a Mac and I hope I'll have one in the coming weeks. After that, I don't know how long this will take but that's a first step, don't you think?

  57. génial,
    Patrice mon offre tiens toujours, si vous souhaitez un partenaire financier je suis disposé a investir dans une affaire avec toi et ton partenaire. Ton Mac tu l'auras tout de suite si vous voulez parler business.

    Je peux être joins au travers mon propre bloc ou mon site web.


  58. Thank You Patrice. I appreciate your willingness to look into creating an iPhone version. I eagerly await it's arrival. :)

  59. Anonymous22:57

    Salut Patrice

    MetrO on iPhone is a must! I have used Metro since the beginning on my Psion pocket computers! At taht time the best PDA ever!
    OK I had it on my Palm and SonyEricsson P series GSM.

    Now I need it on my iPhone!

    There are a handfull of apps only available on the iPhone which are worth having the iPhone because it is so easy to use and handle. And if MetrO will be published I will buy it at once!

  60. Patrice, that is the best news I've heard all year!!!

  61. I can't even imagine someone with an app as popular as MetrO wouldn't already be developing it for iPhone/iPod touch. I'd bet $1,000 that you'd have more iPhone users download your app in the first 3 months than have downloaded every other version of your app...EVER. There are well over 6 million iPhone and iPod touch owners already. In a year that will probably be close to 15-20 million. Sell MetrO for 99 cents and even if only 1 in 1,000 iPhone owners buy it, you'll have grossed close to $15,000. Considering how many people with iPhones travel and live in cities covered by MetrO, 1 in 1,000 is probably conservative.

  62. Andy, I posted a similar calculation several weeks ago. I'm guessing that Patrice is independently wealthy and doesn't want an extra few 100,000 dollars per year.

    If you read his latest post, he is STILL trying to find out a way to NOT release an iPhone version. I'm just about at the point that I may start to learn programming SOLELY for the purpose of reverse engineering the Palm Metro app and porting it over to the iPhone

  63. I just updated my initial post: my Mac Mini is on my desk and it is waiting for action...

  64. I CAN'T WAIT. The lack of MetrO for the iPhone almost makes me want to carry around a Palm device in addition just to run that app. I'll be happy to pay whatever you decide to charge for it, the application is just that good.

  65. Great! Now I won't have to learn programming, or buy an Intel Mac (I'm waiting for the future non-intel based Macs)

    Patrice, let us know when you need beta testers, even if it is just for a local system.

  66. Anonymous22:47

    VERY VERY good news!!!! I NEED Metro!!! I used it many mnay times for my job and it's a must!! I will gladly pay for the iphone app.!!
    Any estimation as to when we can expect it???? :)

  67. Things have not started well: the Mac was defective and I had to ask for an exchange. I spent the week-end reinstalling everything...

    I can't give an exact timeframe but please be patient! This time of year is one for extensive changes on transportation networks and this is very time-consuming. I think the earliest I may deliver something usable would be around the end of the year...

  68. Anonymous08:55

    Thanks Patrice!!! End of the year...what will I do in the meantime??? :)

  69. What you and chispito will do in the meantime is be patient and be glad that Patrice has decided to try to develop MetrO for the iPhone at all, instead of pressuring him to hurry up and get it done as fast as possible.

  70. I think that the actual porting of Metro to the iPhone SDK will be the easiest; it will be the Apple "approval" process that will cause the greatest delay.

  71. hello Patrice

    wow, just read your update, this is GREAT news for we Metro users!!!

    I've just returned from 3 weeks of traveling with my new iPhone 3G and I sorely miss Metro. the web version is not the same, especially when avoiding data roaming charges while out of my home country.

    in fact, I brought along my old Treo (without active SIM card) on this trip SOLELY to use Metro. crazy, I know... but that's how useful Metro is to us.

    I eagerly and patiently await further news as you look into starting development.

    thank you for reconsidering!
    cheers, B

  72. If I believe this - and I tend to be credulous - maybe setting a target for the end of the year was overly optimistic.

    By the way, until now, I have only been able to refresh my konwledge of the Objective-C language. Not one line of code written yet...

  73. OK - everybody who has been pestering Patrice to develop for iPhone - it's time to step up. Go to Apples site and clamor for Metro on iPhone so they know it's a hot topic. (one possible link:
    And if anyone knows Objective-C, pitch in!
    Patrice - you have an established program that is well loved and widely used with a long track record. I hope you'll make it through the certification gauntlet easier than most.

  74. Patrice,
    perhaps you should consider distributing your future new iPhone app using the non Apple store vehicule. There are loads of iPhones on the market that have been jail broken and allow Developers to load their apps without going thru Apple. I used some of those apps myself before having access to Apple's monopolistic big brotherish freaken disgust store.

  75. YEahhhh!!! it seems the will finally be a metro iphone app.
    Good luck developing!

  76. hello!
    of course, there are good and bad experiences developing for iPhone. Hopefully you'll have a positive one.

    FYI maybe you've already seen these... here are some short interviews with other developers - positive, negative and in-between. And of course you've probably already heard of this guy who made $250k from his little game on the AppStore in the first 2 months...

    just thought I'd check in here again, as I'm now fully weaned off my PalmOS Treo and enjoying my iPhone and the many interesting apps being released for it in the AppStore (it's too easy to buy lots of stuff there!) but of course I'm still sorely missing Metro! :) most recently on another trip to Tokyo. And if you look at the AppStore, the only transit type applications seem to be maps, not useful interactive guides like Metro.

    best wishes starting development, I patiently await...


  77. Merci d'avoir le courage !
    Tous nos encouragements, nous sommes nombreux à en avoir besoin et prêts à payer ou vous aider pour cela.

  78. I'm glad I live in Japan. I have 2 different subway route planner apps on the iPhone, available for free, and with more and better features than metro has (price, alternative routes, shinkansen, inland flights...)

    Patrice, you do realize there is competition out there and if you don't get development for 6 million iPhones out there going, someone else will profit from that market. You lost Japan already...

  79. Martin, how can you say your free apps beat MetrO in price—MetrO itself is also free.

  80. Metro is free for Palm, but I believe Patrice will have to charge for the iPhone version, at least to cover the fees to Apple.

    However, what Metro has going for it is the sheer QUANTITY of systems covered in 1 app, so even at $10 for the iPhone Metro, you'll be getting a bargain.

  81. I agree, I would gladly pay $20 for MetrO if necessary. But right now, it's free, so I have no idea what Martin is talking about.

  82. I guess Martin was writing about travel fares, not the software price ;-)

    While on the subject, we have not yet really decided whether our iPhone version will be free...

  83. Patrice, your delay in responding to the market has opened the door wide open to competition. I agree with you that Metro was and is still unique for the amount of cities and the quality of information the App provided FREE. If its going to be priced then your competition has taken a head start that you may not be able to catch up. Oh you will sell lots of them but never as if you would have been the first. Visual IT is your strongest competitor with their interface and quality product the user of their APP will not likely go back to yours if it has a price tag. Tube Paris, or Tube Beijing and every other city they sell is just great, no other word to describe it. It has the POI's the street names a really cool station locator on a map which Metro never had so you can orient yourself as to where you are and use the GPS function of the iPhone to see where the metro station you just walked out is in a city you don't know. Check it out Patrice it might give you ideas for improvements.

  84. Patrice if you don't have an iPhone to check out the competition and their features here's a link to them. They show you a video of their product. If you're going to compete you might as well start knowing your competition. Things have changed since you were the only ones offering a Metro solution......

  85. Jose, I believe Patrice views MetrO as a labor of love, not as a competition. And I think it should cost a little bit of money, but the fact that it has always been free probably means that Patrice is not all that concerned with making more money than the competitors, know what I'm saying?

  86. Guav, I know exactly what Patrice is saying and his love affair and passion about Metro. We've had other exchanges outside of this forum. My comments are meant to help him make his App better. And my way of saying thanks for having been on my PDA for free from the very first weeks Metro was available. I depended on his application for a long time and have now found one that's even better. So its not about making more or less money, its about making Metro the best. For a long time Metro was the best, but by default as there was nothing else out I said "Things have changed since then".....time to improve....or die. Whether its free or not!

  87. it seems most of the competition for Metro showing up for iPhone appears to be mainly graphical maps, which are far, far less useful than Metro's route planning approach.

    the Visual IT stuff looks very good. but it seems Metro will still have this big advantage: it doesn't need a separate app for every city.

    I'm assuming here that we might pay for the Metro app, and have ability to freely download the transit data for free, for the particular cities we need to use. and of course add/remove cities on the go.

    I really don't like the idea of having separate apps for each city (and purchasing each!), as the case seems to be with all the competition so far...

    the addition of GPS function is obviously valuable. for example finding the closest station to your current location as route starting point, or figuring which exit you just came out of and orientating yourself with points of interest near you. I hope Metro will eventually support these kinds of things.

    anyhow I continue to look forward to hearing any progress on Metro for the iPhone. and I won't even mention that the AppStore has already achieved 200M downloads... :-)

    p.s. Martin you mention free iPhone apps for Japan rail system, I had not come across any yet. could you reference them? (sorry to ask about the competition to Metro!). are they something like the hyperdia web-based route planning?

  88. I have enjoyed your software for many years and it would be great if you had an iPhone version. Your software is so good you should charge for it...and I would pay.

  89. Patrice,

    Tu es génial! Merci pour tes efforts pour developer Métro pour le iPod Touch.


  90. Howdy Patrice,

    Just another word of encouragement: your app would be a wonderful addition to the iPhone, and I would dearly love to have in on my trip to Paris at the end of the month, but will have to content myself with the netvibes interface and stops at places with free wifi!

  91. Seen all the metro-applications allready in the appstore, you have wasted your time argueing not to make Metro for iPhone. I switched from Palm to iPhone. Please do the same. You will have to agree that the iPhone is at the moment the most popular mobile platform. And you guys would not be present??? Come on!

  92. Hello Patrice,

    Happy New Year!

    I notice the message on your front page re: Metro for iPhone now says:

    "After hesitating for a while (see here), we have announced our intention to develop an iPhone version of Métro , which should arrive on the AppStore in early 2009."

    we are all so eagerly awaiting the arrival of your excellent app! best wishes for the new year, and for many years of success to you on the iPhone platform

  93. I have been using Metro on my Palm PDA before, and I miss it very much after switching to iPhone lately. Please keep up the good work and don't let your faithful followers down. I'm sure most of us would not mind financing your efforts, as long as you maintain your usually high quality standards.

  94. J'attend avec i m p a t i e n c e cet applicatif qui sera f a n t a s t i q u e !
    Courage, courage c'est la fin du tunnel !

  95. Would love to be able o use MetrO on the IPhone

  96. Hi Patrice,

    any chance you could give your devoted fans a progress report on how you are making out with the porting of Metro to the iPhone platform? Is it finished, have you submitted it to Apple?

    Thanks again for having decided to make this happen.

  97. Jose, I updated the initial post a few days ago and again today. Not much to say about progress, though...

  98. Sorry to read this Patrice, I had not noticed the update, thanks. Don't mean to say, I told you so, but the success of this new platform is not just overwhelming for the capabilities that Apple has to respond to demand but is also going to change many things in the paradigm of computer platforms. Look at this article from the New York Times.

    I honestly do not think that you are wasting your time and how on earth could Apple not approve your software being the inventor and owner of the worlds largest user base. If you postion yourself as the father of Metro Apple will, has to, cannot refuse, must acknowledge, and shall not refuse your App. There are already many many Metro like Apps, but none of them stand up to what yours offers on the non iPhone platforms. But don't get me wrong some are very very hot, and the pricing is droping because of competition. Tube Berlin as an example came to market as a FREE app from VisualiT a UK based comapny that also sells other city Metro Apps at around 5€ per city but event there these same apps came out as 10€ Apps. They now claim that the Berlin one can be offered free because the Berlin Transit corp subsidized the cost...I think there's a lot of Bull there but then again....So in conclusion Patrice what I am saying is you can't pass up this train that is passing because it might not pass again.

  99. Patrice,

    Just a word of encouragement. MetrO has become the Quintessential application for many no matter what platform it runs on. I'm looking forward to having it on my iPhone. Until then I have refrained from downloading any interim program in anticipation of yours - MetrO. I rank MetrO with the top priority applications such as Word and Excel. Honestly your hard word is appreciated and will pay off GRANDLY I'm sure of it. Thank you.

  100. Anonymous16:48

    Dear Patrice,

    you don't have to wait to Apple response!
    You can use Cydia to distribute your nice and so anticipated program. Cydia store is also available now, in case if you'd like to charge to Metro.
    P.S. Cydia is alternative to AppleStore way to distribute software for iPnone with jailbreak.

  101. Unfortunately Cydia is only available on Jailbroken phones which means you'd seriously downsize your potential audience...

  102. Respect for you Guys! You are doing a great job for so many years now.
    I started using Metro for Palm ages ago and loved it! And yes, I donated! ;-)
    Don't forget to ask money for it, it is well worth it!

  103. Sunday March 15th a memorable date in history. Here begins the creation of MetrO for the iPhone. Thanks for the update Patrice, I am looking forward to see the new born baby sOOn on my iPhone.....:-)

  104. Very excited to read the new update!

  105. Now there is some progress. See here.

  106. This is timely and great news Patrice.

    I recently lost my Palm Pilot and subsequently bought an iPhone, a bit too early for my liking, given the fact that Metro is not yet available.

    So now I have to live without Metro, can't even use my Palm Pilot as a backup device...

    Very much looking forward to Metro!

  107. A bit late but i wanted to answer your question about the correct spelling of monopoly:
    em, ai, see, ar, oh, es, oh, ef, tee
    But i see that you chaged your mind and developed an app for the iPhone. I hope the process convinced you too about the wonderful structured way to develop apps that Apple offers.

  108. Anonymous21:02

    No update in 8 months?

  109. Anonymous18:25

    No update in 8 months?

  110. Anonymous18:30

    This is weird. I posted a new comment, (2 Feb 10) yet Blogger just duplicated an OLDER post I made.

  111. Anonymous18:40

    OK, I just downloaded Metro for my iPhone 3GS. Thank You!!! This was the last "must have" app from my Palm PDA.

    You REALLY should have made this a paid app, Patrice, if only to recoup your development fee to Apple.


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