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Saturday, December 08, 2007

No more freewares on PalmGear

Motricity has recently merged PalmGear with its new PocketGear platform, removing all freewares from their catalog in the process. While the old site boasted more than 30,000 softwares for Palm, they now have only about 5,000 left...

With 320,000 downloads since its first appearance on PalmGear 8 years ago, MetrO has been among the top 10 favorite softwares for several years and certainly drew quite a bit of traffic to the site. Motricity apparently does not see any value there...

You may remember they went the same road when they upgraded PocketGear not long ago. In that case, some freewares, including MetrO, were later restored but our updates have not been taken into account for the last 3 months.

With the mess that Handango has become, it looks like the large software distribution platforms are almost dead.

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