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Monday, September 17, 2007

PocketGear "kills" all freewares...

PocketGear, which used to be a decent directory for Windows Mobile software, has unveiled its new web site recently. What they did not tell anyone - including those directly interested - is that they decided to remove all freewares from their listings.

The reason is simple, as writes the Developer Relations Manager after an inquiry: "It is possible that we will allow freeware listings in the future, but at this time our efforts must be on those products that generate sales for PocketGear".

I think this is a pretty dumb move: will users go where they will find only commercial software or will they prefer some other place where they will find the software they are looking for, whatever its license model? If you think, as I do, the latter is more likely and although it is no developer paradise either, Handango is clearly taking the lead in this market...

That's a subject we would really like to hear your comments about!

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  1. with pocketgear (paid product) some time ago but gave up on it/them when their amusingly termed customer support team were able to provide anything but support.

    Handango have been brilliant in the several years I have used them.

    I have no commercial or other interest in either company. I am just a simple soul who wants products that work. Pocketgear should recall the adage about "give a child a puppy, sell the father the dog".


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