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Saturday, September 15, 2007

PalmOS & "large" files

Users are beginning to use the new capacity of MetrO 5.6.0 to load our largest databases (such as "Paris-full" or "NewYork-works) on their Palm device and the first issues are arising.

First, you should remember that the program will "see" the MetrO files only if they are in the right place on a memory card. Check the installation guide for details.

Second, the system will load a large chunk of data only if there is sufficient room in memory. And here is a real problem, since we are talking about "dynamic memory" (used to run programs) as opposed to plain free RAM (what's available on the Palm), and some devices have not much of that kind. For example the m5xx will not be able to load the "Paris-full" database (although the "NewYork-works" one seems to get through).

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