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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Update on i-Métro

Our online service has been silently enhanced in recent weeks, with many new cities where the "find a route by address" feature is available.

The covered cities now include: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Arnhem (Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Boston (USA), Chicago (USA), Eindhoven (Netherlands), Los Angeles (USA), Madrid (Spain), Napoli (Italy), New York (USA), Paris (France), Philadelphia (USA), Sacramento (USA), Toronto (Canada), Utrecht (Netherlands).

This feature is enabled by getting the geographic coordinates for the stops. Therefore, if you want to add a city to the list, you'd just have to provide these coordinates ;-) as described on our "Contribute" page.

Please note that there are a few cities where we already have coordinates but the feature is not activated for one of the following reasons:
- Google Maps does not provide address geocoding in the country (which is the case for London, Santiago de Chile and Singapore);
- Our coverage is not sufficient to provide an efficient service (concerns: Copenhagen, Lisbon, Tokyo, Vancouver, Washington, Vienna).

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