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Sunday, September 17, 2006

MetrO 5.4.4

The new version of MetrO has been released. See the details on our web site.

This version does not include recent important changes in the Brussels network, an interim release may be published when I have time to update the database.


  1. Anonymous17:59

    It seems that ZIP with Metro for Symbian S60 ( is corrupted. Tried to download and unzip it on two different computers with two different Internet connections (just in case) and cannot unzip it.

    Best regards,


  2. You always have the resource to try another source, like Handango. At least while we fix the problem...

  3. Anonymous18:54

    This is the solution! Thanks a lot.

  4. Anonymous00:06

    May I note that many bus lines in Amsterdam have been completely changed. has all the information.

  5. According to K. de Bondt (our "correspondent" for Amsterdam), the last changes in the network occured before the summer and were included in our database in June or July.

    Please always check you have installed the latest version before reporting an error.

  6. Anonymous11:01

    Hi Patrice,
    Thanks for your response. I just installed version 5.44 and I still have to comment that at least bus lines 18 and 21 have incorrect stops (I haven't checked for other errors). The big changes happened before the summer, that's true, but during the summer and the beginning of september many stops have been changed again. Just trying to help out.

  7. Anonymous12:31

    first of all, thanks for the great work you're doing with Métro. Over the years, I really learned to appreciate it!

    I have a question and a suggestion for the update procedure though. First of all, can I safely install a new update of Métro on my Symbian device (UIQ) without uninstalling the previous release=
    And secondly, would it be much work for you guys to publish a kind of "incremental ZIP" for the networks? I mean a ZIP file which only contains the networks which have been modified since the last update? This way I could more easily keep an up to date list of networks (I keep them all on my phone, since I would certainly forget to add the needed one before a trip). Since in the ZIP you are currently publishing, all networks have the publishing time as their timestamp, I cannot tell which ones need a replacement by myself. If you could publish them with the actual modification date as their timestamp, that would already help me out.

    Thanks for your time and efforts,


  8. Using our "Smart Download" page is another way to get the updated files only.

  9. Will the version for UIQ 3 be released soon? I'm actually hoping it will also support UIQ 3.1 too.

    Having replaced my Palm with a Zaurus and my S60 phone with a Motorola Z8, I'm without Metro for the first time in many years.

    If you need a beta tester my Z8 and I are more than willing.



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