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Monday, March 20, 2006


G. Reichert reports the closure for engineering works of the Waterloo & City line in London (UK) starting on April 1st, for approximately 5 monthes.

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  1. Anonymous09:45

    While I was wanting to comment on the fac that Metro still favors the shuttle buses over the DLR from London City Airport, this has now beclome obosolete, since as of March 3, all shuttle bus service has been suspended in favor of the DLR Link.

    Green Shuttle to Canning Town was terminated on opening of the DLR link, December 2005.

    Blue Shuttle to Liverpool Street via Canarry Wharf was terminated March 3, 2006 due to lack of demand.

    Have you ever considered making the source files for the Metro Databases available for download? That way users could amend the data when permanent service changes happen, whithout the original author having to step in.

    Best regards
    Max G. Schmitt


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