Wednesday, August 31, 2005


A new station has opened on the Calandlijn in Rotterdam (Netherlands). It also appears the branches at the end of the line were not accurately described.


  1. I've just been there. The station is called Alexander, and is between Graskruid and Oosterflank.
    Strangely, though, if you plan a journey between the above stations, although Alexander is not mentioned, the route does say that the journey is 2 stations!

  2. Martin, the new station is not Alexander (which you can find in the current database under its actual name "Station Alexander"), but Nesselande, on another branch of the line ;-)

  3. You may be right about the name of the Alexander station, though I'm not sure. I think that 'Station Alexander' is the NS Station next door. All the Metro maps and the name boards on the platforms of the Metro station say 'Alexander', so, even if it is officially called 'Station Alexander', nobody is ever going to look it up using that name. Perhaps locals might, but then they don't need to in the first place.


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