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Sunday, March 13, 2005

MetrO for Palm

This week-end, I could at last spend some time on the program and improve some features, among which the most important are:

  • The "Copy database to memory card" feature in the city list will become a "Move database to memory card" feature. After a few years of usage I think the cards are reliable enough to take the risk to remove the original file after it has been copied.
    To keep things clean, if the file already exists in the destination directory, a message will ask for confirmation to replace it.
    And here I need your help because the confirmation message needs a translation in the different languages the program supports : "The file for "city name" already exists on card, do you want to replace it?"

  • Because of the number of support requests from users who don't take the time to read the user guide and keep asking why the software can't find the cities they have installed on their memory card, I have decided that the program will now search the default installation directory (/PALM/Launcher) in addition to the MetrO specific one (/PALM/Programs/Metro).
    A possible side effect is that if you have a lot of files in that directory (which you should not), the search may take some time...

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