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Thursday, April 23, 2015


Metro Istanbul
A new light metro line (« M6 ») has opened in Istanbul (Turkey).


  1. It's a heavy metro like M6.
    Light metro in Istanbul have T numbers.

  2. Lars, I used the « light metro » as per the Wikipedia definition, defined as an intermediary between light rail (the T lines, in that case) and « heavy » rail ;-)

  3. Hi Patrice. I see, Wiki says M6 is a light metro, but following the definition of light metro in Wiki, the list shows e.g. VAL systems and Istanbul Hafif Metro. M6 uses the same cars as have been used on M2 before, Alstom "Caracas" type metro trains from the 80's, upgraded with CBTC operation, with the only difference that they are used in single units instead of coupled. So I don't know why they call this light metro.


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