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Thursday, May 13, 2010

More frequent updates for MetrO cities

MetrOFor 10 years we have been delivering updates to our city databases along with our general MetrO releases, about once a month. Of course, we made a few exceptions for changes that needed a timely release, such as for our "works" databases (for Paris, Berlin & New York, mostly) but the standard process has remained the same over time.

At a time when the norm was the PDA and software installations through a PC, it made sense... But, with the generalization of smartphones with internet connectivity, most of you now install and update city files directly from your device and our monthly delivery is not very relevant.

For this reason, we have decided to accelerate the rythm: from now on, the updates to our city databases will be released at least once a week. For technical reasons, the releases will be synchronized with our updates for "works" databases (so, there will be at least one every Friday, with the updates for New York).

Please note that we don't intend to make an announcement every time: on most versions of MetrO, you have an option to "update all" databases and you should just use it once a week. Of course, this blog will still help you keep track of the changes and you will know that for every individual update announced, it will be available on your device one week later at the latest.

For those who don't want to be bothered with frequent updates, our usual release process will remain in place and our newsletter will provide a summary of changes about every month.

The first batch of updates has just been published and you can now download new versions of our files for Braunschweig, Copenhagen, Dalian, Den Haag, Dubai, Kraków, Marseille, Nanjing & Washington-Baltimore. These are all the cities that have been changed since our latest release and you might read the details about these changes in the entries below.

Update (05/15/2010)
On a suggestion by P. Karger, I have made a small change to our "smart download" page, that will allow users who download cities from their PC (and not "over the air") to get the latest versions of our files as well: if you select the current version of the program (5.8.8 as of this writing) in the version number list, you will only get the most recent city files in the resulting zip file.


  1. Frequent updates are great but I would rather have an Android version to update in the first place ;-)

  2. As long time user of Palm PDA's, your Metro app has been on just about all of my devices over the last decade. I still use my Palm LifeDrive to this day and I still update Metro on it regularly. I just wanted to say thanks for supporting Palm right from the start until now!

  3. Thank you very much Patrice for your great work for years!!!

  4. now there is an android version...huraaaaa!!!

  5. I have been using this since 2002 when I went to Japan. Thank you for a great great work.
    Now, Bangalore, India also got a Metro train. Do you have plans to incorporate that too.

  6. Thanks, Patrice and the team, for all your work, and, for the Palm and now Android versions.


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