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Thursday, September 01, 2005


I added 2 new features to i-Métro:

  • Line routes: just as in the PDA/smartphone program, you can see the routes for each line in our databases, for any specified time.

  • Maps: an interface with GoogleMaps (still in beta) lets you see your start or end stop on a map of the city.

    - The maps are available only for the cities where we have geolocalization data. Today it includes Paris (almost complete), Madrid & London (major subway stops) and Bologna (a handful of stops).

    - To see the map, click on the "balloon" next to the stop name in the results screen. If there is no "balloon", the map is not available (for lack of information).

    - Google has maps for selected countries only. It means that whereas we display an actual map for London, the other cities present a satellite view instead.

    - We build this as some sort of a proof of concept to illustrate what we could do on MetrO for PDA & smartphone, if we find the right partner (for the maps).

    - If you want the map implemented for you city, please send us a simple list containing the geographical coordinates (in decimal form) for each stop or station (please be sure to use the same spelling as in our database). But first check that your city is covered in GoogleMaps.

These features should work on any "modern" standard-compliant web browser, but I have tested it only in Internet Explorer (version 6 for Windows) and Firefox (for Windows). If you encounter a problem with your browser, let me know (although I can't promise I will be able to fix it).

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